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Leave the Rug Cleaning to the Pros

Jul 12, 2023 | Rug Cleaning

Leave the Rug Cleaning to the Pros
The purpose of an area or oriental rug is to add practical beauty into your home. However, as time passes, the accumulation of dust and dander within its fibers can diminish its luster, leaving it looking dull. These unwanted particles can also create unpleasant musty odors, leaving your home feeling less than clean. To preserve the allure of your rug and maintain a fresh-smelling home, it is crucial to schedule regular professional area and oriental rug cleaning.

Attempting to clean your oriental rug yourself can be both hazardous and time-consuming, which is why it is advisable to entrust this task to the experts. The team at Mountain View Chem-Dry offers exceptional oriental rug cleaning services in Vancouver, delivered by our skilled technicians. By choosing our services, you can safeguard one of your most cherished possessions while saving yourself valuable time and unnecessary stress. Allow us to present four compelling reasons why Chem-Dry is the ideal choice for your oriental rug cleaning requirements.

1. We Help with Bleeding Colors

Opting to clean your oriental rug by yourself can pose a significant risk, as the cleaning solutions you choose might contain substances that could cause the dyes in the rug to bleed, ultimately damaging its exquisite pattern. To circumvent this potential mishap, it is highly recommended to entrust the cleaning process to professionals.

At Mountain View Chem-Dry, our well-trained technicians possess the expertise to identify various rug types and materials, such as silk and wool. They are well-versed in employing the appropriate cleaning techniques to prevent any undesirable color bleeding. With their assistance, you can effectively preserve the distinct motifs of your hand-knotted masterpiece or geometric patterned rug. Safeguard your oriental rug’s integrity by placing your trust in the hands of these professionals, who will diligently and safely undertake its cleaning.

2. We Can Effectively Target Stains for Removal

Unsightly stains have the potential to mar the visual appeal of your carpet, but fear not, as our team of professional rug cleaning experts is here to assist you. With their expertise, they can effectively eliminate stain-causing substances embedded within the fibers, leaving your rug spotless and revitalized.

Our stain-fighting services are designed to breathe new life into your rug’s appearance. Whether it’s the aftermath of a red wine spill, soil accumulation, nail polish mishaps, lipstick smudges, or even stubborn stains and unpleasant odors resulting from pet accidents, we have the knowledge and tools to handle them all. Place your trust in us to restore the inherent beauty of your rug and bid farewell to those pesky stains once and for all.

3. We Help Extend the Life of Your Rug

Regardless of whether your rug holds sentimental value, is a cherished family heirloom, or simply represents a carefully selected investment, safeguarding its longevity is of utmost importance. This ensures that it can continue to bring joy to your family for years to come. Professional oriental rug cleaning plays a vital role in preserving and extending the lifespan of your rug. By eliminating gritty dirt and dust that gradually wear down its delicate fibers, irreparable damage can be prevented over time.

To maintain the integrity and exquisite appearance of your rug, we strongly recommend scheduling professional deep cleaning at least once a year. This regular maintenance regimen will ensure that your rug remains in optimal condition and retains its allure. Entrusting the care of your rug to the hands of professionals allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that it will receive the proper attention and protection it deserves for the long term.

4. We Give You Peace of Mind

Embarking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) rug cleaning venture can quickly become a source of stress, cost, and significant time consumption. Moreover, it carries the risk of yielding disastrous outcomes. Instead of relying on unreliable cleaning hacks or purchasing expensive store-bought cleaners that could potentially harm your precious rug, it is wise to entrust this task to the professionals.

At Mountain View Chem-Dry, our team of expert rug cleaners will provide an in-depth analysis of your rug within the comfort of your home. This assessment allows us to determine the most suitable and effective cleaning process tailored to the specific condition of your rug. Depending on factors such as rug type and the extent of soil accumulation, we may recommend either an off-site rug bath or an in-home treatment.

Rest assured, by placing your trust in us, your rug will be treated with utmost care, ensuring its safe and thorough cleaning. By availing our services, you can alleviate stress and avoid the hassles associated with rug cleaning, while achieving exceptional results.


For oriental rug cleaning that gives you complete peace of mind, as well as a rug with a renewed appearance and extended lifespan, give the team at Mountain View Chem-Dry a call. Contact us today at (778) 655-8439 to connect with a rug cleaning professional in Vancouver!

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